New In: 373 Lab Vegan Protein Isolate

We’re excited to announce that we are releasing our first-ever vegan protein powder - Lemon Shake Vegan Protein Isolate!

We’ve gotten rave reviews on our 373 Lab Whey Protein Isolate, so we decided to make a vegan version for our plant-based family! The blends are similar in that they contain all the ingredients needed to help improve your muscle recovery, maximize muscle growth, and increase your protein intake. The only difference is it’s a different protein source, and despite what some may think… vegan protein powder can still be as beneficial as animal-based protein, especially our blend!

Our Vegan Protein Isolate will be released on July 14th at 12 p.m. eastern time, but before the release, we want to give you all the details on our vegan protein powder blend. So, keep on reading to learn more about what makes our Vegan Protein Isolate so amazing...

What’s in our vegan protein powder blend?

Vegan protein powders are sometimes looked down upon because they might not be considered a complete protein – meaning they don’t contain all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle growth and recovery. However, our Vegan Protein Isolate is a complete protein and contains a whopping 20 grams of protein per scoop!! That’s what makes it the best 😉

Besides that, here are the three things that make our vegan protein blend so special...

A blend of three vegan proteins

Our team did a lot of research on the various vegan protein sources to determine which one would be the best for our vegan protein powder collection. We came to the conclusion that we couldn’t just have one vegan protein source, we needed three of the best sources in order to give you all the muscle-building benefits you need.

Our blend consists of a completely plant-based blend of Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein, and Pumpkin Seed Protein. These three protein sources on their own are great, but they all lack at least one amino acid, making them incomplete proteins. But put together, they form a complete protein with outstanding benefits!

Here are more details on what makes each of these blends so great:

  • Pea Protein: Made from yellow split peas, pea protein is rich in BCAA’s (branched-chain amino acids) and is actually considered the closest vegan protein option to whey. Despite it missing the essential amino acid, methionine, studies show that those consuming pea protein have similar muscle-building results to those who consumed whey![1]
  • Brown Rice Protein: Brown rice, like pea protein, is also comparable to whey despite it lacking the amino acid lysine. Studies show that athletes consuming brown rice protein powder had an increase in lean body mass, muscular growth, and power strength comparable to whey protein.[2]
  • Pumpkin Seed Protein: This protein source comes from ground pumpkin seeds which makes it rich in vitamin E, magnesium, antioxidants, and most importantly, protein. What makes pumpkin seed protein so great is that it makes it easier for your body to absorb and use amino acids!

Added digestive enzymes

Even plant-based proteins can be hard to digest! So, just like with our Whey Protein Isolate, we’ve added a digestive enzyme blend to our Vegan Protein Isolate.

But what are digestive enzymes?

Our bodies actually make these enzymes in the digestive system, and their primary responsibility is to break down the food we eat so it's easier for our bodies to absorb the essential nutrients. Despite having naturally occurring digestive enzymes, many actually lack them which makes it harder for your body to digest and absorb the nutrients in your food. Not only that, but we’ve added this blend to ensure a fast delivery of amino acids when you need them the most!

Probiotic blend

You might be wondering why probiotics would be included in our vegan protein blend… well, besides helping boost gut health, probiotics work hand-in-hand with digestive enzymes – they help improve protein absorption and utilization! This is super important because digesting too much protein at once can be hard for your body, so the added digestive enzyme and probiotic blend really help ensure you’re able to absorb everything! They can also help improve your overall recovery, reduce post-workout soreness, and even give your immune system a boost. 

What does it taste like?

Aside from perfecting our vegan protein blend, we’ve also perfected the taste. The last thing anyone wants is a chalky, chemical-tasting protein powder, which is why we took extra time to get the flavor just right!

Using natural flavors (no artificial sweeteners in sight), we’ve created the perfect lemon dessert in a shake. Just imagine that light, airy, citrusy lemon sponge cake you love to indulge in, but blended in a protein shake. It’s light, not too sweet, and there's no nasty chalky texture that you usually get from other vegan protein powders – it's perfection!

The best thing is that Lemon Shake tastes great with just water! So, you can just add a scoop to 8 oz. of water in your shaker bottle to start reaping the benefits. Or you can spruce it up by blending a scoop with your favorite plant-based milk and a few ice cubes, and you can even add some extras to make it extra delicious. You can add berries, peanut butter powder, flaxseeds, honey, whatever you like!

Vegan protein at its best - available 7/14

We are so excited about this huge release! Despite it being a vegan protein powder, even those who aren’t following a vegan or plant-based diet can consume and fall in love with our new Vegan Protein Isolate. It’s high in protein, supports better digestion and good gut health, it's tasty, and most importantly, it will help you achieve your muscle-building goals!

So, get ready and mark your calendars for July 14th at 12 p.m. eastern time to get a tub of your new favorite vegan protein powder!

New In: 373 Lab Vegan Protein Isolate