Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers For Your Workout Buddy

The holidays are here, and with the year wrapping up, it’s the perfect time to show everyone in your life just how grateful you are for them. You might show your love through a heart-warming handwritten card, a delicious homemade dish, or maybe a bunch of gifts!

If you’re an active person with a workout buddy or someone in your life who loves fitness as much as you do, you can show them how much you care about your shared interests by gifting them a stocking full of fitness gifts that you know they’ll love and use all the time.

But stockings are so small, what can I possibly fit in there?

Well… A lot actually! We’ll help you surprise your workout buddy with the best fitness stocking stuffers that are both inexpensive and small. This way, you can stay on budget while still showering them with thoughtful gifts that they’ll definitely appreciate!

Shaker bottle

We know, we know… A shaker bottle might take up most of the stocking space and even be slightly obvious at first sight, but it’s such a great gift that we’re sure your fitness buddy will be thrilled to get it!

If they’re interested in building muscle, they're most likely eating a high-protein diet and drinking tons of protein shakes or taking BCAAs and pre-workout. So, a shaker bottle can be both a practical and super inexpensive gift!

Wrist wraps

Fitness accessories are probably the first thing to come to mind when you think of gifts for fitness lovers, but some of them can be fairly expensive or simply too bulky. Luckily, there are a few smaller fitness gear items that any active lifter would appreciate, such as a nice pair of wrist wraps!

This accessory is designed to wrap around your wrists during overhead lifting sessions to decrease the strain that the weight puts on your wrists, allowing you to lift safely and with more control. If your gym buddy is an avid lifter, they’ll appreciate a high-quality pair to protect their wrists. 

Our sister company, UPPPERhas high-performance Wrist Wraps that comes in various colors so you can match your style.

Lifting straps

On the topic of having safer lifting sessions at the gym, lifting straps are another inexpensive fitness accessory that you can easily fit in a stocking for your favorite workout buddy!

Lifting straps act as an attachment from your wrists to the weight, improving your grip and control during heavy lifts, and increasing your confidence in the process.

If you want nothing but the highest quality for your fitness buddy, look no further than UPPPER Lifting Straps!

Fitness journal

It doesn’t matter if your gym buddy has big or small fitness goals, they could probably benefit a lot from a fitness journal to keep track of their routine as well as all their stats and milestones. Even their diet!

A fitness journal could be any kind of plain or stylish notebook, but you can find journals that have built-in planners for your routines with fillable sections where you can write down your reps, sets, and weight used, as well as in and out calories, water intake, and all other kinds of useful information. Just remember to choose a style that your friend would like to make sure it doesn’t end up in a storage box!

Jump rope

Jump ropes are the perfect, unexpected stocking stuffer for lifters and cardio-lovers! Jumping rope is an excellent workout that not only works up a sweat but it also helps engage your upper body and lower body muscles. You can even make it a weighted jump rope for your buddy who loves a challenge!

The best thing is they're inexpensive and range from $10-25 and they fit perfectly in a stocking. 

Smartphone armband

Although most people have smartwatches and fitness trackers, having your phone on you is still important. No one likes carrying their phone in their hands or pockets while they're running or lifting. So, gifting your friend a smartphone armband will be a happy unexpected surprise! It will make their workouts less of a pain, and more enjoyable.

When looking for an armband, you want to make sure you get the right size for your friend's phone. Another thing to look for is that it's water-resistant to ensure their phone doesn't get all sweaty.

Support your gym buddy with practical fitness gifts

It’s always nice to receive your favorite snacks and a cozy pair of socks during the holidays, but a thoughtful gift that relates to your lifestyle in a way that makes it a little bit easier or more enjoyable can be a nice surprise. We hope this list of fitness gift ideas helps you find the perfect gifts for your workout buddy or any fitness lovers in your life!

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Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers For Your Workout Buddy